Our work in the world of commercial and online media covers some of the most recognizable brands in New Zealand and across
the globe including; All Blacks, Volcom, Pepsi, Adidas, Tourism NZ, Wendy's, Qapital, AIG, Ford and Mitre10.


Bespoke Post is a full service audio post production facility with +15 years of experience in mixing sound for New Zealand & International content.
We offer all aspects of audio post including stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 surround mixing, as well as Sound Design, SFX, Foley and Dialogue editorial. Our other services include ADR, Voice over recording, with source connect at no extra cost.

Located in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand our facilities are designed with mixing for television in mind. 

  • 4 Television edit & mix suites, each fully equipped with 5.1 surround & Pro Tools HD.

  • A dedicated ADR & Voice over room (with Source Connect Pro if required).

  • One of largest Foley stages / ADR / Loop rooms in the southern hemisphere.

  • Green Room / on site, semi-pro, super serious Street Fighter challengers.

  • A full complement of award winning freelance re-recording mixers, sound designers & composers.

We are able to output to any international deliverable spec, and can accommodate any digital asset delivery requirements.


Voice over, ADR and character efforts can be captured in sync with the picture in our dedicated vocal booth. We can cater to single actor ADR recording and with our large record room and multiple microphone set-ups we can easily provide for bigger Loop Group recordings as well. Source connect is provided at no extra charge.


Every instance of Dialogue is edited and appropriately cleaned using current noise-reduction and equalisation software. Natural spaces in Dialogue are filled using accurate ambience from the original recordings to enhance the realism and colour of each environment.

The Music is always cut & mixed in a way to enhance the emotion and drive within each scene. We never use the MX stem as blanket fixer to cover dialogue or to simply segue between scenes.


Having delivered thousands of hours of television and online content to various productions and networks we know every project is different – and Mixing to request is where we specialise. Any notes to help create a unique sound for your individual project are welcomed. Or you can simple relax and rely on our years of experience to guide your mix. 


Our work is known in New Zealand television for going the extra distance in the SFX department. Adding the large and subtle details in equal measures. Our facility contains a full and operational Foley Room which we use often to create unique shot-to-picture sound effects for with our work.


Every episode we deliver has been mixed in such a way that we can easily output an International ready version. Essentially, identical to the original mix but with all the necessary components split out and ready for the international content.