We specialise in M&E Foley & SFX for Film and Television. 
Some of our best work happens when Foley & SFX come together under our roof. The interplay between the SFX and Foley stems accent and detail narrative sound moments.  Delivering a comprehensive and unified M&E before it even get's to the mix stage.

We've cued, shot, cut and mixed a hell of a lot it, for a long time - and every project gives us another chance to hone our skill set.

Our Foley & SFX have received recognition from Re-recording mixers across the planet for, not only it's phenomenal sound but equally as importantly, it's editorial.
Every show we deliver hits the mix stage and can play, already panned and volume automated, eQ'd and sitting comfortably in the space. 

Our Foley & SFX work on Adam Bhala Lough's 2017 The New Radical feature documentary received a Golden Reel nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Sound Effects, Foley, Music, Dialogue and ADR for Non-Theatrical Documentary Broadcast Media

As you'll see on the front page our facility in central Auckland, New Zealand boasts a 516 square foot Foley room plus various edit, mix suites and vocal booths- perfect for single ADR recording or Loop groups. Marching boots, ballet pointe, chainsaws, leather armour, car interiors, if we don't have it already, we'll find it.

Our successful work on international productions relies on our ability for easy communication and work flow.

We have Media Seal available for additional picture encryption.
Physical & Data Security at our facility is paramount, and is always in a process of upgrading to meet industry standards and beyond.
Our online servers are encrypted, password protected and secure client FTP login is available.

We thrive under pressure, we are tech savvy and have a incredibly strong passion for high end Foley. Many long form projects we work on are priced as flat rate project packages. Shoot us an email with your requirements and we'll gladly get you a quote for your project.

V I N T A G E  S H O W R E E L S

Viewer Warning: Gratuitous, Completely Over The Top Violence

This features excerpts from our foley work on: 

Hunt for the Wilder People (2016) 
Ash vs Evil Dead S01E07 (2015)
Ash vs Evil Dead S02E09 (2016)
Turbo Kid (2015)

Some of these pieces were chosen to show the integration of our location recording. The truck in Ash vs Evil Dead and the Bikes in Turbo Kid were by and large shot in the field at one of the local quarries. With the Demonic tree being summoned in our own foley room by the foley artist!
Needless to say we were all quite impressed.

Viewer Warning: Gratuitous, Completely Over The Top Violence

This features an excerpt from our foley & SFX work on:

Ash vs Evil Dead S01E06

We chose this scene because it's big and loud, but also requires space for each sound element to have it chance to shine and then disappear.
It also has a lot debris and detail just to contradict the previous statement somewhat. It's pretty gruesome and generally NSFW. enjoy responsibly !