Love in an elevator
Livin' it up when I'm goin' down
Love in an elevator
Lovin' it up 'til I hit the ground

”Down” is the latest installment if the Into the Dark series (episode 105).
Did writer Ken Kubena take cues from the prophets Aerosmith in this claustrophobic Valentines day special? or perhaps as the sagely Tina Turner rhetorically asks in the 1984 hit
“…What’s love got to do with it? Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?”.
And like a heart can break, so too an elevator can be broken.

Natalie Martinez and Matt Lauria’s performances both make this feature-length episode a delicious assortment of romantic horror - an emotional firecracker.

I can also say there are some specific sound cues that can only be fully appreciated upon a second watch.
Get on Hulu and give it hoon.