The Lego NinjaGo  DVD / BluRay is out now basically everywhere that sells modern media. JB Hifi, The Warehouse, Toy World, even Supermarkets carry this Lego NinjaGo film. You can't miss it.

The 2 minute short film "Which way to the ocean?" is bonus content on the disc.
We shot the foley on this short film, working with one of our antipodean sound heroes.
Wayne Pashley from Big Band Sound Design.

The short follows a baby Shark who tries make it's way back the Ocean after getting shot out of Garmadon's Shark cannon. The short is animated in the style of the artwork seen in Lego instruction booklets.

Directors: Todd Hansen, Doug Nicholas
Writers: Todd Hansen, Doug Nicholas


The video linked is on youtube. We did not upload it... It'll no doubt be pulled for copyright infringement before you can click this link.