Original Source Foley / Location Record: Bespoke Post
Sound Designer: Bruce Langley

2x 5 hour shoots on location for a dedicated car record. While 1 Team covered all interior car foley; handling, grabs, whacks, Bodyfalls, doors, switches, levers, handles, seatbelts, radios, keys, trunks; every conceivable movable object in and on the vehicle the2nd team was shooting exterior car engines, stalls, burnouts, hydraulics, starts, revs, idles and stops. The recordings of these signature cars where very well ccvered and used throughout the Ash vs Evil Dead television series.

In total we shot;
5x different Delta Oldsmobile 88's
1x Dodge Challenger
1x AMC Gremlin
1x Ford Focus
1x AirStream Caravan

3 Gb + of cleaned and edited, Mono, Stereo, 5.1 recordings.