Somewhere in style between Black Mirror and Goosebumps, Into the Dark is coming back for another year of thrills, chills from Beverly Hills.

The Disney-run streaming service has ordered a second season of the Blumhouse TV–produced horror anthology.

“What we want to replicate is the kind of the filmmaker-driven vision for the films,” says Blumhouse TV co-presidents Marci Wiseman. “We’ve brought Hulu filmmakers who are vision first, script later, and they have been unbelievable partners in letting us build this collection.

As for what’s coming up in the near-term for Into the Dark, Wiseman said the final installment of the first batch will “explore some more kind of social issues. This is really an opportunity to have people who are iconoclasts or people who don’t work within the system traditionally come and work with us in a very regimented system with all this infrastructure,” says Wiseman, “They get to really to play within that system to see their kind of creative vision.”