Finally (!!!) you can now watch Roseanne Liang’s notorious hospital kung fu short film Do No Harm from the comfort of your own computer room. Tell the kids to get out, because this film has adult rating and a ruthless, sprawling choreographed fight scene throughout.
There’s blood. Get in to it. Can’t wait for the follow up feature.

Director: Roseanne Liang
Producer: Hamish Mortland
Executive Producers: Tim White, Tim Wong & Roseanne Liang
DOP: Andrew McGeorge
Prod Designer: Gary Mackay
Costume Designer: Jaindra Watson
Editor: Tom Eagles
Composer: Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper
Rerecording Mixers: Tim Chaproniere & Toby Lloyd
Sound Design & Supervision by Bespoke Post


3am. 1980s Hongjing. In an aging private hospital, a single-minded surgeon is forced to break her physician’s oath when violent gangsters storm in to stop a crucial operation.