aw shit ! get ready to have your facé melted off. 
Deathgasm is about to premiere at SXSW festival this Saturday. 
TwitchFilm names DEATHGASM a "SXSW Must-See" ... but this is definitely also a "SXSW Must-hear" film. Featuring full audio post from The Foley Room, mixed by Chris Sinclair (Valhalla Rising) and a ferocious soundtrack of NZ and International Metal.
It's big, it's metal and it's "brutal as f*ck".
Shit just keeps on getting better! Deathgasm props record! Not for the faint-hearted!
Not quite as cool as the chainsaw pic but mango pulp sounds pretty amazing for blood gurgles and vomit! Deathgasm foley record, very messy work!! Hell Yes. YOU NEED TO SEE THIS FILM!