Such a huge show, i don't know where to begin. Some of the best and biggest foley we've ever recorded. The lines between Foley, SFX and Sound Design were truly blurred in this series. So many of the fight, gore, deomon, monster effects and destruction came specifically from the foley department. Every file processed and pre-mixed, leather rubber metal wood and vocal components all pulled into a single performance, recorded in abstract conditions if required and further manipulated in the foley edit.

With this show we had the time and ability to experiment and push every limit we could think of to create incredibly weird and unique sounds. Many of which were featured in the screened episodes exactly as delivered. We're so stoked that the mixer Brent Burge and Sound Designer Bruce Langley were on board for this series - a pair that really let the foley department cross over and redefine the sound track.

10/10 show !